Regional Tutor Training Overview

What is a Makaton Regional Tutor?

A Makaton Regional Tutor is usually someone with considerable experience of using Makaton with people of different ages and abilities. They can deliver all of the standardised Makaton Workshops. They are also expected to provide support to others around them and liaise regularly with MakatonSA.

How do I become a Makaton Regional Tutor?

In order to become a Regional Tutor, you must attend Makaton Regional Tutor Training. This training covers, in depth, the design of the Makaton Language Programme and its implementation over an extensive range of difficulties. You will develop your knowledge and skills, learn about techniques to advance signing and symbol use and learn about delivering Makaton Workshops. 

The learning outcomes of Regional Tutor Training are: 

• To expand knowledge of the Makaton Language Programme. 

• To become familiar with Tutor Guidelines. 

• To make the transition from a Makaton user to a tutor who can train others. 

• Understand the content of the Foundation Workshop prior to your assessment. 

• To understand procedures of workshops and courses. 

• To standardise signing skills. 

• To understand sign and symbol use. 

• To understand the work of The MakatonSA. 

In order to qualify as a Makaton Regional Tutor you must achieve the standard set for Part 1 and Part 2 of the training. 

As a Regional Tutor, MakatonSA will expect you to reflect its policy, standards and procedures. These are set out in the Tutor/Trainer Handbook which will be issued with your licence application.

Entry Criteria for Regional Tutor training

Before applying for Makaton Regional Tutor you must have completed the Foundation Workshop and the Enhancement Workshop. You should also evidence your experience of presenting information and using signs and symbols confidently with a range of people.