Foundation Workshops Overview

The Foundation Workshops have 4 Modules which are presented two modules at a time in two 3-hour sessions on one day. 

These modules provide a detailed introduction to Makaton. They combine a practical approach with theory and technical information.

Lectures cover the basic principles of Makaton, how it is used, who can benefit from it, and ideas for its application. 

The signs and symbols for Stages 1-4 and the Additional Vocabulary of the Makaton Core Vocabulary are taught, two stages per training day. 

The Foundation Workshops are primarily suitable for professionals. 

Participants receive a training manual and are exposed to a number of resources which can be ordered. 

Participants also receive a certificate confirming attendance, with CPD accreditation (6 CPD points) available. 

After attending the first Foundation Workshop (Modules 1+2), people who are interested in developing their knowledge and skill of Makaton may do the next Foundation Workshop (Modules 3+4), which can be done at any stage, anywhere in South Africa. 

All courses throughout the country are the same, given by registered Makaton Tutors of Makaton SA. 

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