Ayesha De Villiers



Ayesha started her career in special needs by teaching Senior Phase Mainstream Curriculum to learners with physical and specific learning challenges at Vista Nova High School in 2010.


Ayesha went on to teach children on the autism spectrum at Alpha School between the ages of 6 and 13 years. During this time she was trained in Gestalt Play Therapy.

Intervention services

She worked as the Home Programme co-ordinator at Cheré Botha School to provide early intervention services to caregivers of children from 6 weeks to 6 years with developmental delays.


In 2015, Ayesha completed the HPCSA Educational Psychology Internship at Paarl School for children with physical and learning barriers. In 2018 she became a registered psychologist (PS0139033). She is currently working at Vista Nova High School as an educational psychologist.


She has a special interest in early childhood development and working with caregivers of children with special needs.


Ayesha developed In My Hands Project as a tool for caregivers to stimulate their child’s development through parent lead activities made from recycled materials.