A sign and symbol communication strategy for people with communication difficulties.

Why Makaton?


Makaton is a multi-modal communication system using signs, symbols and normal grammatical speech to provide a form of communication to people with communication and learning difficulties.

It is used in over forty countries and is the most widely used system in the UK.

Over the last fifteen years in South Africa, we have made great efforts to make it available to as many people with communication and learning challenges as possible. 
Makaton offers great opportunity and empowerment to all children and adults across the South African context.

Who needs Makaton?

The Makaton programme has been effectively used with individuals who have autism, cognitive impairments and specific language impairment.

Makaton is already used by several schools around the country e.g. Vera School and Noluthando school in Cape Town Western Province, Unica School and Johannesburg Hospital school in Gauteng, as well as many other service providers of interventions for intellectual disability and autism for both adults and children. Training has also taken place in KwaZulu Natal Province and in Mpumulanga.

Makaton is well researched and offers people with severe communication difficulties a real hope of improving their quality of life and self-advocacy.